Kevin Mahogany + Hervé Sellin Quartet


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Kevin Mahogany (voice), Hervé Sellin (piano), Pierrick Pedron (sax), Bruno Rousselet (double bass), Philippe Soirat (drums)

Vocalist, businessman and educator Kevin Mahogany has set the standard for Jazz vocalists during the last three decades.

His broad baritone voice was forged in his hometown of Kansas City, where he learned to swing like Charlie Parker, shout the blues like Big Joe Turner, and cry a ballad like Lester Young – while extending, elaborating and refining the Jazz vocal legacies of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Eddie Jefferson and Al Jarreau.

Specializing in performing seldom-heard songs, Mahogany’s recordings range from the kinetic big band bravura of Pussy Cat Dues (featuring ex-Mingus sidemen Jimmy Knepper and Charles McPherson with the WDR Big Band) to Pride and Joy, his ebullient Motown tribute featuring the music of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Gladys Knight, Michael Jackson and Smokey Robinson.

One of his most celebrated recordings is The Coltrane-Hartman Fantasy (2010), featuring tenor saxophonist Tony Lakatos, and conceived as a continuation of the legendary 1963 Impulse recording, John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman.

In addition to being a trend-setting leader of the first order, Mahogany has also been a highly in demand sideman and guest artist with a select cadre of Jazz stars. He has recorded with T.S. Monk Monk on Monk, The Ray Brown Trio Christmas Songs With Ray Brown Trio, Marlena Shaw Dangerous, Roseanna Vitro Passion Dance, Carl Allen Testimonial, Barbara Morrison Visit Me and Elvin Jones It Don’t Mean A Thing.

Mahogany has also been involved in lots of very different projects as diverse as Kansas City (the celebrated Robert Altman film), Monk On Monk (a vision of Thelonious Monk in charge of his son) or (Clint) Eastwood After Hours.

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