Poem of a Cell: Triptych of Love and Ecstasy


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Stefan Winter (writer, director), Poem of a Cell (credits)

Gedicht einer Zelle (Poem of a Cell) — 2017

Triptychon der Liebe und Ekstase (Triptych of Love and Ecstasy)

Sound- and 3-Channel-Video Installation

Winter combines sound art and music with visual worlds, thereby creating “Living Paintings”. At the heart is the woman, embodied by the artist Noriko Kura. Works by Pontormo, Michelangelo, Rosso Fiorentino, as well as images of the inferno, the Wailing Wall, Kaaba, St Peter Cathedral, and the life of the cells brand on the female body.

Winter commissioned the composers Uri Caine, Fabio Nieder, Rajab Suleiman and Fumio Yasuda to create pieces out of fragments of the erotic love poems by the Shulammite (Song of Songs), Mechthild von Magedburg (The flowing Light of the Godhead) and Rabi’a al-Basri (Unity with the Divine). Jewish, Christian, and Muslim sounds and symbols work together and tell the story of woman, how it was, how it is, how it will be… All three poems are based on the theme which links Judaism, Christianity and Islam, bridging all their differences: love, ecstasy and, ultimately, the unification with the divine love.

The artist Noriko Kura is the center of this fantastic world of images. In the paradisaical key scene, she ascends the heavenly tower she created in order to attain the last, highest goal of all mysticism. She conquers all earthly obstacles, discards her fetters, in order to be united with the absolute.

Gedicht einer Zelle (Poem of a Cell) Trailer from winterstefanklangkunst on Vimeo.

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