Chihiro Yamanaka


Complimentary tickets for the Victoria Eugenia Theatre shows will be available at the theatre’s box office on the same day of the concert.Chihiro-Yamanaka-Web

Chihiro Yamanaka Trio

Chihiro Yamanaka (piano), Yoshi Waki (bass), John Davis (drums)

Despite her young age, the pianist Chihiro Yamanaka already boasts a career of almost twenty years, and is today a fundamental element of the Japanese jazz scene. While her sound was initially strongly influenced by the legendary Oscar Peterson, with a diaphanous and lyrical touch, she later set about broadening her horizons and instruments by adding the organ and the synthesizer. An excellent soloist, this time round she has chosen to render her performances at the Heineken Jazzaldia in duo and trio format.

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