Curt Wilson Alumni Big Band



Curt Wilson (artistic director), Wayne Atchley (bass), David Williams (guitar), Drew Ruiz (percussion), Tom Laney (piano), Alan Burton (alto sax), Marc Bellomy (alto sax), Kevin Love (baritone sax), Rene Ozuna (tenor sax), Harry Tschoerner (tenor sax), Todd Burrer (trombone), Skipper Dolt (trombone), Chuck Compher (trombone), Jacob Small (trombone), Tony Yarbrough (trumpet), Mike Rogers (trumpet), Sammy Tork (trumpet), John McDonald (trumpet), Trent Evans (trumpet)

This huge band is made up of former students from the Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, brought together around the figure of Curt Wilson, professor emeritus at the TCU School of Music. While its members have their own careers as professors, doctors or entrepreneurs, their love of jazz has taken them on tours of England, France and Italy, with noteworthy performances at the Umbria Jazz Festival, the Royal Academy of Music in London and the French festival Jazz à Juan.

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