Fredi Peláez Trio



Fredi Peláez (Hammond organ), Hilario Rodeiro (drums), Mikel Romero (guitar)

Thanks to this trio, Fredi Peláez continues to develop his passion for jazz and the Hammond organ, already visible in his earlier groups, including Organiks and Dynamic Trio. Mikel Romero was also a member of those formations, having played in groups of varying styles, like Urgabe, Korrontzi and Vagos. Hilario Rodeiro was a member of bands who have performed at earlier editions of the Heineken Jazzaldia, such as RS Faktor and Citric, and has also provided accompaniment for Gonzalo Tejada, Iñaki Salvador, Mikel Andueza as well as for other leading figures of Basque jazz.

Katapulta logoa moztua

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