Hot Potato Blues Band



Alberto Bosch (bass), Juanrra Etxaburua (drums), Iñigo Elena (Helen) (vocals), Txenan Calvo (guitar), Asier Nieto (Kixki) (harmonica)

New blues and rhythm & blues band fronted by the vocalist Iñigo Elena (Helen), singer and leader of The Amendoins, Asier Nieto (Kixki), a collaborator with top blues bands inside the Basque Country and out, and three of the four members of Lau Behi: Alberto Bosch, Juanrra Etxaburua and Txenan Calvo, who also played together in one of the pioneering Basque blues bands (Blues Stop). Hot Potato offers an enormously powerful repertoire, full of strength and rhythm. A great favourite with all audiences, the group is certain to figure among the references of the increasingly dynamic Basque rock-blues scene.

Katapulta logoa moztua

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