Stinus Vidal



Jaime Stinus (guitar, vocals), Xavier Vidal (vocals), Miguel Mazón (drums), Jaime Burgos (keyboards), Jaume Prat (bass)

Jaime Stinus, a legendary guitarist and renowned producer, began his career in San Sebastian in the mid-70s with his group Brakaman and the Orquesta Mondragón. He has collaborated with an endless list of great names: Radio Futura, Los Rebeldes, Jocelyn Brown, Johnny Hallyday, Bunbury, Calamaro, Jaime Urrutia, Loquillo and many others. Xavi Vidal was the frontman of La Gran Aventura, one of the leading rock groups singing in Catalan in the 90s. Some of their albums were produced by Jaime Stinus. The two reunited last year, resulting in the excellent album Canvis.

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