Jamie Cullum



Jamie Cullum (piano, vocals), Tom Richards (sax, keyboards, vocals), Rory Simmons (trumpet), Brad Webb (drums, vocals), Loz Garratt (bass, vocals), Tom Varrall (guitar), Aisha Stuart (vocals), Shanna Goodhead (vocals)

Jamie Cullum needs no introduction in San Sebastian. He left his exquisite visiting card in 2015, when he rolled out an astonishing display of his versatility in three performances: as a DJ, as a piano soloist and with his band. Cullum represents enthusiasm, contagious joy, boundless energy and vast amounts of music. He brings tears to the eyes when sitting at the piano to sing like the old crooners, and electrifies the audience when fronting his group. An early starter who still has a very long way to go. His charm, energy and unrivalled voice keep him going strong as one of the artists to cause most excitement on the best of programmes. He loves Donostia and Donostia loves him. The love story continues.

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