Joan Baez: Fare Thee Well… Tour 2019



Joan Baez (vocals, guitar), Dirk Powell (mandolin, guitar, bass, piano, violin), Gabriel Harris (percussion), Grace Stumberg (vocals)

Joan Baez was a leading catalyst for the worldwide popularisation of North American folk music, not to mention the so-called “protest songs” of the 60s of last century. Her warm voice and socially committed lyrics made Joan Baez a reference in the field of music and numerous progressive causes: at their demonstrations, civil rights defenders and protesters against the Vietnam War sang the Joan Baez version of the hymn, We Shall Overcome. Sixty years later (her career took off at the Newport Folk Festival in 1959), Joan Baez is still a reference. Her voice of all those years ago remains unchanged and her commitment is equally as steadfast as it was then. Her most recent album, Whistle Down the Wind (2018), demonstrates that her work is just as relevant today. This may be the last opportunity to see Joan Baez live, as this is her farewell tour.

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