Love & Revenge: Music and Cinema from the Arab world



Rayess Bek (machines), Mehdi Haddab (electric oud), Julien Perraudeau (keyboard), La Mizra (live video composition)

This is a show different to anything we’ve seen before. It combines modern Arab music with scenes from old Arab films, which oscillated between passionate drama and Hollywood-inspired musical comedy, always with a delightfully kitsch touch. The stars of these films were true idols throughout the Arab world: actresses like the Egyptian Souad Hosni and the Lebanese diva Sabah; dancers like Samia Gamal or Tahia Carioca; and singers like Leila Murad, Farid El Attrache, his sister Asmahan or the immortal Um Kalsoum. The music accompanying the images will surprise many, having little in common with the concept of traditional Arab music, and brings culminating moments like the Egyptian-Viennese waltz featuring on the soundtrack of Love & Revenge, the 1944 movie from which the show takes its name.

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