Nerea Erbiti (vocals), Ion Celestino (trumpet), Sustrai Colina (bertsolari), Ander García (double bass), Javier Callén (double bass), Daniel Lizarraga (drums), Israel Tubilleja (drums)

The music of Lurpekariak, a group formed in 2015 after years of study and experimentation, throws the linear idea of history to the dogs. Free improvisation and the singing of shepherds? The sunpriñu and free jazz? Improvisation exercises combining the traditional world view of the Basque language with contemporary thought. Every performance reveals new secrets in this conversation between the ancestors of the Basque Country, Africa and New Orleans. Following the presentation of their recording Itsasotik Iturrira, the double trio continues to progress and now incorporates a seventh improviser, this time of Basque verse: the bertsolari Sustrai Colina.


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