Makala & Jimmy Bidaurreta: Descarga Libre Sexteto



Eduardo Lazaga (drums, backing vocals), Denis Barzaga (percussion, backing vocals), Yarian Yaque (trombone), Jon Oiartzun (bass), Jimmy Bidaurreta (keyboards, backing vocals), Mikel Makala (vocals)

Mikel Makala, a Basque-German musician and DJ, and Jimmy Bidaurreta, producer, musician and director of the Gasteiz Big Band, have been creating their own personal sound universes for some time now. Descarga Libre, the duo’s new project in compilation mode, comprises a variety of ingredients and raw materials; as a taster, Latin, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Descarga, Nuyorican and Afro-Cuban strains can be cooked to produce a first-rate marmitako. These alchemists mad about Latin beats use the ears of today to make music of the past with songs construed like lively creative experiments or, if you prefer, music of today with the ears of the past. The result is exhilarating, and the rhythm section will soon have your hips moving and your whole body vibrating.

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