Martirio & Chano Domínguez: A Bola de Nieve



Martirio (vocals), Chano Domínguez (piano)

It was way back twenty years ago that Martirio dazzled the world with the fabulous pianist from Cadiz, Chano Domínguez, reinterpreting the classic coplas with jazz arrangements, a collaboration captured in the essential Coplas de madrugá (1996). Those were the first steps on the path to fusion later followed by many other artists and which shed light on rebirth of the copla. A few years later, they produced another turn of the screw in Acoplados (2005), with arrangements for symphony orchestra and big band. Today Martirio and Chano reform to remember the great Cuban pianist and singer Ignacio Villa, better known as Bola de Nieve. An icon in Spanish-speaking countries, Bola was a talented pianist and extraordinary showman who put matters of love and humour into song. Tenderness, passion and amorous disillusion, but heaps of humour too, is what you’ll find in this new performance representing the return of Martirio and Chano to the Heineken Jazzaldia, where they performed in 1996.

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