Nacho Soto: Experiment 64



Nacho Soto (piano, keyboards, arrangements), Eolo Andino (alto sax), Juan José Cabillas (alto sax), Alejandro Haro (baritone sax, tenor sax), Iñigo Cuenca (trumpet), Alejandra Artiel (trumpet), Alberto Martínez (trombone), Juan Oliveira (guitar), Carlos Montull (bass), Ander Zulaika (drums)

This group, born at Musikene (Higher School of Music of the Basque Country), favours a repertoire different to that of traditional jazz and displays a fondness for modern sounds such as rock and electronic music combined with the harmonies of contemporary jazz. Among their influences are Miles Davis, Donny McCaslin, Dave Douglas, Mark Guiliana, Radiohead, Snarky Puppy, San Francisco Jazz Collective and The Beatles.

Katapulta logoa moztua

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