Naïssam Jalal & Rhythms of Resistance ft. Médéric Collignon




Naïssam Jalal (composition, flute, nay), Mehdi Chaïb (tenor sax, soprano sax, percussion), Karsten Hochapfel (guitar, cello), Zacharie Abraham (double bass), Arnaud Dolmen (drums). Guest artist: Médéric Collignon (bugle)

Repertoire production: Les couleurs du Son

Performance production: Tour’n’sol prod.

The repertoire of flute-player Naïssam Jalal reflects her free and nomadic personality. Born in Paris to Syrian parents, few musicians better synthesize the musical souls of East and West. She expresses herself equally with the European Flute and the nay, the Arab flute. She studied classical flute as a child in a Parisian conservatoire and at the age of 19 went to Syria and Egypt to find her cultural roots. Since then, she has performed with numerous jazz artists, with ethnic African and Arab musicians, including the Palestinian rap group Katibeh 5. Her current quintet, with which she has recorded two albums, unites French, Moroccan and German instrumentalists with whom she has achieved an intense and exciting sound.


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