Ola Onabulé



Ola Onabulé (vocals), John Crawford (piano), Guillermo Hill (guitar), Patrick Scales (double bass), Will Fry (percussion), Christopher Nickolls (drums)

The Anglo-Nigerian singer Ola Onabulé could be described as the gentleman of soul. Elegance, authenticity and integrity perfectly describe this sophisticated artist of vocal virtuosity and emotional intensity with the added attraction of being a good storyteller. The fact of having lived his childhood in Lagos and his youth in London has marked his unmistakable artistic personality, as we can see from his latest album, It’s the Peace that Deafens (2018), twelve songs about identity, reconciliation and nostalgia. He has performed at major jazz festivals, including Montreal and Umbria, fronting his quartets and quintets; he has also collaborated with orchestras like the WDR Big Band Köln. Accompanying him he brings John Crawford, an excellent British pianist with his own career and who has family roots, on his mother’s side, in San Sebastian.

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