Sílvia Pérez Cruz-Toquinho-Javier Colina



Sílvia Pérez Cruz (vocals), Toquinho (guitar, vocals), Javier Colina (double bass)

Ever since taking her first steps, the path followed by the Catalonian singer Sílvia Pérez Cruz has been unfaltering. If anything strongly catches the attention it’s her astonishing ability to tackle different styles, with her unmistakable own stamp. Stemming from the foundations of folk, we also find jazz, tropicalism, flamenco, fado, classical music and the mark of the habaneras she bred on. While she has a prodigious vocal register and an innate stage charm, her most outstanding feature is that of being a unique artist. Accompanied by the guitarist and singer Toquinho, an unparalleled benchmark of Brazilian music, and by the double bass player from Navarra, Javier Colina, one of the mainstays of Spanish jazz, this is guaranteed to be a delightful concert of the very highest artistic exquisiteness.

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