The Funk&Risketeers



Maider Legarreta (vocals), Asier Ardaiz (trumpet), Miguel Arribas (tenor sax), Brian Aching (guitar), Jorge Fernández (piano), Aritz Luzuriaga (bass), Rakel Arbeloa (drums)

The Funk & Risketeers is a formation with a funk and soul repertoire. Made up of students from Musikene, the group takes its name from their inside jokes about those rare moments when they have the opportunity to slip into the orthodoxy of jazz. While still professing a profound love for the latter, this is a resounding call to expressive freedom, to the contrast between persuasion and lack of inhibition, all maintaining the elegance and know-how of their original style. Not recommended for those with stiff hips!

Katapulta logoa moztua

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