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Iker Amenabar (bass), Mikel Iraeta (piano, synthesizer), Iñigo González (guitar), Gorka Alkalde (guitar), Josu Usobiaga (drums)

RO was born in the old Azkoitia abattoir in Spring 2017, when Uso (drums), Iker (bass), Alkalde (guitar), Gontxalo (guitar) and Iraeta (piano and synthesizer) got together for the first time. Having worked on their sound and melodies for almost a year, they brought out four highly emotional songs: Ilhunbean esanak, Ilhunbean eginak, ErROnkari and Aikor. The music video for Aikor takes its inspiration from the Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya. RO’s music travels to varying depths of the enormous Post Rock Instrumental ocean.

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